Rebate Shenanigans

Twice now I’ve had HP claim not to have received the UPC code from the side of a container when claiming rebates for their PCs. I keep copies of everything I send, but they really seem to lose these things more often than not. Makes you really wonder if they are that incompetent or if something more nefarious is at play.

Today, I had the opposite situtation:

Dear Bill Shaw,

Recently, we inadvertently sent you 2 rebate checks for the same rebate
application. The first check is dated December 18th and the second December
19th. Both checks have the same unique check number. Only one of these
checks will clear the bank. If both checks are deposited the 1st will clear
and the 2nd will be returned and you may be subject to any fees your bank
charges for returned checks. Please deposit only one of these checks.

Rebate Confirmation Code: xxxx
Check Number: xxxx

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for using!

Please do not reply to this E-mail directly. This is a system-generated
message and sent from an account that cannot receive E-mail. To contact please E-mail or call us at
1-888-222-9300. You can also track your rebate status at

This is wrong on so many levels. And of course, their automated system has no record I exist. Oh, and they were closed when I called. Figures I get this today. I made the deposit this morning after holding the checks for a week while waiting for the bank’s schedule and my own to align. I think my bank only charges $5 for returned items, but I think OnRebate needs to take care of it. In fact, I may have to make it my personal mission after the hoops their industry puts people through.

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