NXTified Wipeout Style Obstacle Course

For our Monday club at Kid’s Community College, we decided to take a break from the FLL mats and work on something a little more open ended.

I’m sure most everyone is familiar with the crazy TV Show Wipeout. We are going to build a few sections of their brutally fun obstacle course using the NXT motors and sensors. The build will be approximately at Minifig scale.

Since the KCC Robotics Club is going to take a break for the summer, I thought it best to pick something fun that we could accomplish in just a few weeks. For this build, I’m busting out lots of interesting bits for the kids to build with. I think the tricky parts will challenge them nicely. For instance, the Sweeper will require building two concentric sections which will need to rotate in opposite directions. The punching wall will need to at least appear to be randomly pushing LEGO bricks out to knock “contestants” from the ledge.

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to build the Wipe Out Zone, but it will have some interesting challenges as well. Perhaps I’ll save it for summer camp!

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