We’re moving!

Well, our website is. Our hosting provider who I’ve used for almost 10 years now has decided to lock down their servers with additional security. The net result is that they broke my captcha service, outgoing email, and who knows what else. It took almost four hours on the phone to convince them I didn’t write syntactically incorrect php code and to actually look at the error I was receiving. If you are technically curious, they are blocking fsockopen() in php. They are also blocking wget from the secure shell and don’t have a telnet utility available from the server so troubleshooting was not as simple as it should have been.

If you have been trying to reach me through the website or complete the online registration for camps or for our community clubs, I apologize now for the errors and frustration. The change was made with no notice or warning. Until I have the site relocated to another hosting provider, please email me at bill@inanimatereason.com or call me at 813-249-5522.

I will be extending our early bird special on the summer camp pricing by a week so that no one misses out.

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