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Hylie unexpectedly passed away after a sudden relapse in her condition. The memorial service was held on Wednesday. Her family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in her name to the Make A Wish Foundation.
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Hylie's Revolution

This site is dedicated to the memory of Hylie Atkins, the little girl who could. The cards were stacked against Hylie from the start: Anemia, Emphysema, and chronic financial suffering. Yet Hylie survived because the people around her cared so much that we swayed the rich and powerful to take pity. And together, we thought we found a cure.

This is Hylie's Revolution: the power of a community with a common cause. Imagine if every cause were treated with the care and passion that saved Hylie's life. In such a world, anything would be possible.

Read Her Story.

What is at stake?

Millions of children worldwide are considered healthy at birth, yet their lives are in danger. Genetic disease can make them die at an extremely young age, thanks to a deadly cocktail of infection and negligence. Should innocent children like our Hylie be forced to die for their genes? We say no.

Millions of children worldwide are denied medical care because they cannot pay for costly treatments and life-saving drugs. Should innocent children like our Hylie be forced to die because they cannot pay? We say no.

What can I do?
As a group that has seen the power of collective cooperation, we believe that every person has a part to play in making the world a better place. Even a small effort will help us get the word out to people who can do more. Check out the How to Help Page for more information on how one person can help us make a worldwide difference.