Mission Accomplished!

I'm proud to say that all fundraising is being halted this week, thanks to an inconspicuous letter to the Atkinses offering Hylie a 100% free treatment! After a little investigation, her benefactor turned out to be the Lifloxin people, or more accurately one of their honchos. Not only are they going to pay for Hylie's medical bills, but they hinted that they'll soon be doing something to help lots of kids all over the place.

Thanks to everyone who signed the letter to Methusalabs last month. At the time it seemed like a last ditch effort but it paid off! (And boy did it ever!)

Hylie Update

It turns out Hylie isn't just getting her bills paid. Several new doctors showed up yesterday to look into her case, including a top-notch lung surgeon. They say they'll be helping with the case on and off through surgery, and after as they say the healing process will take several months.

The kind of generosity we're being shown is absolutely phenomenal. Not only are these people volunteering to help, it seems that they actually care too. They show a deep sense of purpose in the way they interact with us and Hylie, as though they feel that there's a greater cause to be fought for here. I for one find this attitude incredibly calming. These men certainly know what they are doing.


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