Our line of LEGO® Technic® compatible liftarms let you extend your MOCs in ways never before possible!

These unique elements work for you and improve your designs in three ways:
  1. By offering element designs not available through The LEGO Group, we give you unprecedented flexibility to expand your creativity in ways you never though possible.
  2. Our precision machined liftarms are made from high grade aluminum. Aluminum gives you exceptional strength and rigidity while remaining relatively lightweight. Strength lets you build bigger, taller, and sturdier while enhanced rigidity helps stiffen your model/chassis allowing more precision in your control and navigation systems. Hobbyists from both the RC and robotics fields will appreciate how big a difference these benefits can offer the first time they test their designs.
  3. Using our structural components provides a gateway to another world of materials and components. Our liftarms, along with our custom kits, will let you integrate off-the-shelf RC and robotics components from hundreds of manufacturers. The integration is simple and can dramatically expand the possibilities for your designs.

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