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2011 FLL Food Factor
Unofficial Score Calculator
Score: 0
Pollutants (8 pts)
4 pts per ball
Harvester (9 pts)
5 pts on mat or 9 pts in base*
Fish in Base
Fish in Base (9 pts)
3 pts each in base*
Pizza & Ice Cream
Pizza & Ice Cream (14 pts)
7 pts each in base
Yellow Truck
Yellow Truck (9 pts)
in base
 Yellow Ball On Mat
 Blue Ball On Mat
 Corn On Mat
 Corn In Base
 # Fish In Base
 Baby Fish On Mark?
 Pizza In Base
 Ice Cream In Base
 Truck In Base
Cooking Timer
Cooking Timer (14 pts)
white arm on red zone
Temperature (20 pts)
when showing low red
Pest Removal
Pest Removal (30 pts)
15 pts per rat in base
Distant Travel
Distant Travel (9 pts)
robot touching east wall
Groceries (24 pts)
2 pts per item
 Time Set To Red  Set To Red  # Rats In Base  Robot Touching East Wall  # Groceries On Table
Refrigerated Transport
Refrigerated Transport (38 pts)
12 in base / 20 on dock & 6 per fish*
Hand Wash
Hand Wash (157 pts)
6 or 13 pts virus, 3 pts per bacteria*
Good Bacteria
Good Bacteria (72 pts)
6 pts per bacteria
Disinfect (48 pts)
12 pts empty, 7 pts loose bacteria*

Score: 0

 Transport In Base
 Transport At Dock
       # Fish In Transport
       Meat Inside & No Bacteria
       Baby Fish On Mark?
 # Bacteria In Sink
 # Viruses In Sink
 # Yellow In Base  # Empty Dispensers
 Are any Bacteria Touching Mat?
Originally developed by BlueCheesyFlamingos
Tweaked and updated by Bill Shaw
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