How To Help
Fundraising is Over!
Thanks to the people at Methusalabs, we no longer need to raise money for Hylie. But there are many other sick kids that need your help! You can still help the cause by writing a letter of support, donating to a local charity, and by helping us spread the word through our (now national!) Ribbons For Hylie campaign.
Support Hylie
Although her surgery is through, Hylie is still in intensive care. She needs the loving support of friends like you, and she loves getting "internet notes." If you are moved by her story, please send a caring letter to help her get through this troubling time. You can drop a note to To read some of the kind notes Hylie has recieved since she went to the hospital, click here.
Let the Ribbons Fly!

Since Methusalabs announced that they wanted to broaden the ribbon campaign for Hylie to champion our common cause, Hylie ribbons have been popping up across the country like wildflowers. Join the crusade! Let thousands of people in your city know about the Methusalabs program by tying a your blue ribbons to trees in public parks, to stop signs, lamp posts, or anywhere else they'll be seen.

One end of the ribbon should say, "For Hylie", but the other end is yours. Get creative! Turn your ribbon decorations into a work of art. Use it to send your personal message of love, hope, and life.

If you happen to have a camera handy, is hosting a gallery of ribbon campaigns across the world. You can send in submissions to the gallery by attaching your photos (gif or jpeg only please!) in an email to You can also send us links to

Donate to Charity
Since Methusalabs took over funding for her treatment, we no longer need monetary or gift donations. If you still feel compelled to give, there are a number of other charities who do amazing work with underprivileged children, and chances are they have a branch near you. Food and money are the most widely accepted gifts, although toys and other commodities may also be accepted, depending on the charity of your choice.
Digital Ribbons
You can also show support for Hylie and Methusalabs by putting a button like this one on your web site. See the digital ribbons page for more information.