About This Site
Who is Hylie Atkins?

Hylie is our friend, our daughter, our inspiration.
Our Child.
Hylie is anemic and has acute Emphysema.
Yet she lives.
Hylie brought us together to perform a miracle.
Hylie touched the heart of a faceless corporation.
We love you, Hylie Atkins.

Who are we?
This community was originally formed to help raise money for Hylie's lung operation and the rare drugs that were needed to help her through it. We are a cooperative of friends, relatives, and concerned neighbors dedicated to Hylie and the causes she represents: affordable genetic screenings and accessible welfare programs for disadvantaged children.
What do we do?
Six months ago, we worked around the clock on various fundraisers (see our Fundraiser Page for more details.) Since Methusalabs took on Hylie's cause, we've had more time to focus on getting our message out to the public. We also promote Methusalabs' screening program by encouraging family doctors and clinics to work the screening into their regular work week.
More Information

The Medical Page has in-depth information on Hylie's condition.

The How To Help Page has detailed info on how you can make a difference to underprivileged children everywhere.

The Gallery Page has pictures of Ribbons For Hylie campaigns across the globe.

The News Page has stories about Hylie from various newspapers.

The Fundraisers Page has details on all of our fundraising efforts.

Hylie Featured on the Front Page of Methusalabs.com

Is This A Miracle? has a fascinating take on Hylie's situation.

The Ribbon Campaign
The blue ribbon campaign is the mainstay of ForHylie.org. We used the ribbons in the beginning to make people aware of Hylie's situation and encourage them to donate to our fund raisers and contribute time to the cause. In the beginning, the blue ribbons plastered our tiny area of the city, but today those ribbons, which have come to represent Methusalabs' efforts as well, can now be found around trees, signs, and lamp posts across the United States. Web sites are showing their support by posting digital ribbons on their pages. And since Methusalabs is offering its screenings to children all over the world, we eagerly await word of ribbon campaigns happening overseas as well.